xGrid allows an electricity retailer’s customers to trade solar power across the grid. Agile, real time pricing means benefits for the customer, retailer and distribution network alike.

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xGrid enables households and businesses to sell energy generated from their solar panels to other energy consumers connected across the same electricity grid. It can do this with customers with the same electricity retailer or across different retailers, it doesn’t make a difference. The blockchain system keeps track of it all.

At the heart of the system is an energy trading engine that allows electricity retailers to configure a marketplace in numerous different ways.

How does xGrid work?

xGrid matches consumption and production at every interval. It takes into account the buyer and seller’s chosen price and available supply and demand.

It provides transaction data, including volume and price and can integrate into existing billing systems or settle on the platform.

Power Ledger’s platform is being used by Thai renewable energy business BCPG and Thai utility Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to trade rooftop solar power between an international school, apartment complex, shopping center and dental hospital in the T77 precinct in the heart of Bangkok.

The T77 project is the largest commercial peer-to-peer (P2P) trial in the world, maximizing renewable energy use within the precinct.  It’s also creating new investment opportunities for BCPG with lower electricity costs for all the participants.

Where it's being deployed

Our platform offers these functions

Retail tariff types

Account for the range of energy plans of your customers, including time of day, slab pricing and energy only. Fees can be charged based on the volume traded with particular sources, such as wheeling or network charges.

Fixed price trading

A set and forget trading model where the consumer and prosumer benefit is locked in on the platform.

Preferential trading

Users can decide who they want to trade or share their energy with. This can include gifting energy to their favourite community group or school.

Energy choice

End users can choose their preferred energy source. You can choose by type and proximity. As consumers become more aware of energy, this is set to be an increasingly important function.

Detailed data

Detailed billing and usage data presented in an accessible way to end users and the administrator.You can compare data over time to show savings and changes in energy consumption behaviour.

Integration options

Integrate meter data management system and with your customer billing system. The result is a seamless energy trading application stack.

Getting started

Step 1

Contact Power Ledger to find out how xGrid can be integrated into your market.

Step 2

Establish an account with Power Ledger.

Step 3

Configure the market settings and onboard your customers to the platform.

Step 4

Start Trading!

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