A digital marketplace and exchange for renewable energy credits and time-based environmental certificates.

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TraceX is a digital marketplace for trading and settlement of environmental commodities such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and time-based environmental certificates (T-EACs).

Our platform can be used by generators who have certificates to sell, utilities seeking to buy certificates to meet their regulatory obligations, and organizations seeking to buy certificates to meet their voluntary green energy targets. Brokers and traders will find it invaluable too.

How does TraceX work?

Trace X uses blockchain to bring an exchange style market to bear in the trading of RECs. With standard contracts, standard verification measures, price is determined by the market, counterparty risk is eliminated and you can trade frequently, efficiently and intelligently.

A highlight of this product

We have partnered with M-RETS the largest US REC registry, to bring exchange functionality to M-RETS members. You can connect your TraceX account to your M-RETS registry account, and see your REC balance at-a-glance. You can also list your RECs for sale, just as easily.

Power Ledger also partnered with renewable energy developer, owner, and operator Clearway Energy Group (Clearway) to develop features aimed at streamlining the process of REC management, trade and retirement.

Track RECs, flexible sales

Use existing RECs

Track RECs you are already trading, with registry integrations.

Easy settlement

No delivery risk and simultaneous, streamlined settlement.

Your data, your way

Access your REC trading data from any browser, enjoy the helpful visualizations and export your balance into other systems.

Flexible sales

A unified platform with flexible sales options for buyers and sellers, including market orders and limit orders

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