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TraceX is a digital marketplace that uses blockchain technology to efficiently handle the trading of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Guarantees of Origin (GOs), carbon credits and other environmental instruments.

We are members of EnergyTag, an industry-led initiative to define and build a market for hourly electricity certificates, that work with existing certificate schemes.

Our platform can be used by generators who have certificates to sell, or by utilities and organisations who are seeking to buy certificates to meet regulatory obligations or voluntary sustainability targets.  Brokers and traders will find TraceX a highly efficient way to manage their clients' renewable energy certification needs.

Key features of the TraceX marketplace

TraceX enables users to trade EACs in a way that is simple, secure and efficient. With real-time price discovery, users can make market-based decisions about their EAC transactions.

Powerledger’s blockchain technology provides an immutable and verifiable audit trail.

TraceX offers a standardized set of terms for all trades, meaning all marketplace participants are pre-qualified, resulting in no back-office costs.

Anonymised orders become visible for all market participants as soon as they are placed. When matched, TraceX streamlines the payments process by enabling customers to link their business bank account for seamless settlements on the platform.

TraceX is scalable to facilitate over 50,000 transactions per second and is digital currency ready.

A highlight of TraceX

TraceX is fully integrated with the largest voluntary REC registry in North America, the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS). We have partnered with M-RETS to bring exchange functionality to M-RETS members. Customers are able to link their M-RETS account and once the link is established, import EACs to the marketplace to list for sale. Successful purchases in the marketplace are updated directly through to buyers and sellers M-RETS accounts.

Powerledger has also partnered with Clearway Energy Group, a renewable energy developer, owner, and operator to develop marketplace features aimed at streamlining the process of EAC management, trading and retirement.

Using TraceX, generators can track EACs from the point of creation, sale and transfer to the buyer. Buyers are able to track ownership, hold certificates to on-sell or retire them against their annual sustainability targets.

Platform Benefits

Use existing EACs

  • TraceX links with your existing registry allowing you to visualise and track your EACs in real-time
  • Make market-based decisions for when to buy and sell your EACs
  • Retire your EACs to meet your sustainability goals
  • Participants can create and export reports for their EAC purchases, sales or retirements for internal or external stakeholders.

Easy settlement

  • All market participants are pre-qualified with a standardised contract
  • Customers are able to link their existing business bank account
  • When your order is matched, financial settlement occurs on-platform transferring funds from the buyer to the sellers account
  • On successful payment EAC ownership is updated directly in the registry and blockchain providing an immutable source of truth

24/7 Carbon Free Energy

To drive a deeper decarbonisation of grids across the world, corporates are now seeking to match their consumption with Carbon Free Energy (CFE) production every hour of every day, all year long. This is known as 24/7 CFE.

Powerledger is a thought leader in 24/7, working with partners across Industry to set workable guidelines for this move towards temporal and spatial matching.

Our blockchain technology stamps the time and the place at a granular level all clean energy produced, perfectly positioning it to support a 24/7 CFE granular REC marketplace.

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