PPA Vision

PPA Vision provides greater visibility in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for energy sold to commercial customers. This is available for transactions across the grid as well as within an embedded network microgrid.

Our transaction software can be directly embedded into existing systems to start tracking and trading energy use.

How does PPA Vision work?

Powerledger is able to integrate its technology with independent power producers, embedded network operators, asset developers and PV system owners.

Generators can customize the energy tracking and trading software to suit the regulatory requirements of governments, local councils and businesses to assist them in reaching their renewable energy targets.

A case in point

Powerledger has purchased a 250kW photovoltaic (PV) in Maddington PV system has a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a tenant and is integrated with PPA Vision.

The project has a 400,000 kWh potential average annual energy generation and is expected to deliver a 10% savings on energy costs compared to grid-supplied electricity.

Platform Benefits


  • Choose the energy you want.
  • Type of energy, provenance, or carbon intensity

Data bank

  • Detailed reports on energy transactions.
  • Every kWH that goes in and comes out of your organization.
  • Provenance, type and quantity made easy.
  • A vital step in becoming a 24 hour power organisation.

Market info

  • Wholesale market sales information.
  • Up to the minute data helps you become an agile energy organisation.

Easy billing

Settlement and billing for electricity delivered to buyers.

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Powerledger Platform

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