Mode is a marketplace for the new energy system that delivers flexibilities and VPP services for energy buyers and sellers.

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MODE, or Marketplace for Optimization of Distributed Energy, is a marketplace which enables Distributed Energy Resource (DER) owners and flexible loads to provide grid services. Because grid services are high value it’s a good way to generate income from assets like batteries.

MODE comprises two platforms - MODE Flex and MODE VPP - which together connect buyers with sellers to deliver flexibilities and VPP services.

How does MODE Flex work?

MODE Flex is essentially a marketplace for people who can provide flexibility services. That market is coordinated digitally, with sophisticated scheduling, grid optimization algorithms and forward-facing analysis and prices. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for DER to offer their services.

MODE Flex identifies grid requirements and then seamlessly creates a bidding and contracting mechanism for DERs and flexible loads. It then orchestrates dispatch from MODE VPP installations and then settle transactions.

Faster, smarter energy data


DSOs can benefit from sophisticated forecasting & price matching.


Bilateral flexibilities market incorporating visibility, predictability, control and settlement.

Smart Contracts

Streamline processes with auto bidding, optimization and settlement.

System Installation

Includes 2 years’ free access to VPP Technology.

Getting started

MODE Flex is an efficient energy solution. Contact us to find out more.

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