Develop sustainable residential and commercial developments

Developers can now make their developments irresistible to environmentally conscious buyers.

Powerledger’s platform gives you access to a whole package of revenue streams. All of them make electricity cheaper and payback times shorter. See how we are doing this for residential and commercial developments.

The new way to build

Sharing the output of rooftop photovoltaic means bills are reduced.

Future-proof revenue for your development

Surplus energy gets sold to peers in the local area or back to the grid.

A market driven approach

Choose the price to buy and sell your solar energy, and shorten payback times considerably.

Battery storage systems at the end of your street

The new kind of development comes with its own battery energy storage system. These don't just keep the STRATA or development powered through the night, but also offers flexibility to the grid and reduces stress on the grid.

Selling to today’s customer

The new generation homeowners want to live more sustainably. They want greater choice for where their energy comes from.

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