Our solutions

Our solutions are leading the global democratization of the energy market so people have access to energy, can participate directly in energy markets and can improve their lives and the lives of others.

For sustainability leaders

In the effort to become carbon free and achieve renewable energy targets for their organization, sustainability managers need an elegant solution to managing their renewable energy portfolio. Powerledger has made it simple to track current energy consumption, trace energy sources and manage energy procurement.

For those wanting to trade renewable energy

The movement towards net zero has seen many organizations and corporations increase their investment into renewables. This has seen a dramatic growth in the amount of green energy being produced. Powerledger has the technology to trade excess renewable energy in order to gain better value for the generator, retailer and buyer. 

For property developers and managers

Property owners are seeking out more sustainable options for the way that they live and work. Powereledger has developed solutions for property developers and managers, that will allow owners and occupants to make the most of their renewable energy resources.

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Powerledger Platform

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