The power behind new energy

Power Ledger is the operating system for new energy markets enabling tracking and trading of energy, flexibility services and environmental commodities.

Our Mission

Clean energy that works for everyone on the planet.

We have developed an energy and flexibility trading platform that allows households, organisations and the grid itself to trade with each other.

We offer technology that supports a responsive market. Because the grid is only as good as the market behind it.

Our Platform

The next step toward a more sustainable grid

The shift towards renewables brings increasing uncertainty to the grid. So as more solar and wind sources come on the grid, we need to reconfigure it: From a centralised system to a distributed one. 

Power Ledger’s technology enables players interacting on the grid to track, trace and trade energy in real-time. This is helping to create a flexible power system that is both resilient and stable in the coming years.

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who we are

The internet of electricity

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who we are

The internet of

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Power Ledger is a software company that was formed in 2016.

Its founders realised that renewables could be the solution to the very problem they have created. If we stopped selling their output with a centralised pricing mechanism many issues would take care of themselves. The duck curve and curtailment, to name just two.

Power Ledger is a software and technology company that’s working toward the global democratization of the energy market.
Formed in 2016 with the aim of disrupting traditional energy markets and contributing to sustainability globally, we now have active projects spanning nine countries across four continents.


Our team has proudly received numerous awards from respected organisations.


Sir Richard Branson's

Extreme Tech Challenge


World Changing Ideas

Energy category

 - Jemma Green
Fintech Entrepreneur

of the Year

Industry Memberships

We are proud to be a member of several reputable organisations in the blockchain and energy industries.

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