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The operating system for new energy markets, Power Ledger is a blockchain enabled software platform for trading renewable energy and environmental commodities.

Our software is helping build a grid that works for everyone

The world is in a transition to new kinds of energy. But bringing that about is not as simple as just flicking on some switches to feed rooftop solar into the grid.

At Power Ledger, we have developed a way of integrating traditional energies with renewables, batteries with hydro and the peaks with the troughs.

It’s the operating system for new energy markets and the power systems that they control.

In this new world there are two new concepts: A digital identity for every electrical resource or power device, and a real time market that facilitates the transactions between them.

Our platform allows devices and humans to trade the power they need, when they need it, simply and in a way that's scalable for the entire energy system.

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Managing the grid. Stripping out cost

The central problems in electrical generation are high supply during the day and high demand in the evening. This is often called the duck curve.

You can store that problem away with hydro or batteries and you can trade it away. But you can’t ignore it.

When you use the Power Ledger platform, you are helping to stabilize the grid and helping to make renewables work for all of us. You are also reducing your costs.

  • µGrid: Manage your microgrid with a real time market that optimises price.
  • xGrid: Sell and buy excess kilowatt hours across the grid, and help stabilise it at the same time.
  • VPP: Manage the peaks and troughs with a battery and make a profit in the process.
  • Vision: Choose the type and quality of energy you are sourcing. Wind, solar or traditional.
  • PPA Vision: Manage the output, billing and settlement for commercial solar and wind farms.
  • Trace: Tracks and traces the life of renewable energy certificates (RECs).
  • TraceX: Trade and settle RECs wherever you are in the world.

Whichever features you select, they are all about real time action, high transparency, high control and high verifiability.

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Renewables are the solution and the problem

Renewables may be able to solve the problem of CO2. But they’re playing havoc with the grid. This can be summed up as the duck curve problem. Photovoltaics mean overgeneration at noon, coupled with a shortfall in the early evening.

Wherever you look in the world there is political friction that’s a result of this incomplete technological solution.

In California they throw away hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours. In Australia we’re building white elephant projects to solve the duck curve problem with all the political fallout that entails. In Germany, McKinsey reports that renewables threaten both the energy supply and the economy.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that there are missing pieces of the jigsaw that are needed to produce the new grid.

The internet of electricity

In this new conception of a grid, devices are no longer dumb. They have five attributes and enough intelligence to make their own decisions.

  • Device identifier
  • Geolocation
  • Blockchain ID
  • Bid and offer based on need state.

On top of this layer is a market that allows for rapid real time transactions between ordinary household devices.

We’re helping to create a world where devices make it part of their job to stabilise the grid.

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