ekWateur, France

Powerledger is supporting green energy retailer ekWateur to bring hundreds of thousands of French energy consumers the choice of their own energy mix.

In the numbers

Smart meters connected country-wide


Renewable energy sources: wind, solar and hydropower


“Choose your own energy” mix project of this kind

Case study overview

ekWateur is the leading independent supplier of renewable energy in France with a rapidly growing network of more than 300,000 customers.

ekWateur realised there was an increasing number of customers who wanted to know the exact provenance and type of energy they were consuming.

That demanded a more sophisticated level of tracking and tracing - Powerledger’s Vision software.

Based on a blockchain accounting system, Vision allows customers to customise their energy mix from ekWateur’s renewable energy network in real-time.

Vision certifies the energy’s renewable origins instantaneously and settles transactions every thirty minutes.

This means ekWateur customers can always choose the cheapest form of guaranteed renewable energy that’s available, whether it’s from a neighbour’s rooftop solar or a wind farm in Bordeaux.

It’s a good example of how the energy revolution is being driven by consumers wanting and expecting more from their suppliers.

ekWateur Co-founder and CEO

Julien Tchernia

“Our customers want the control and oversight over their mix of energy and with Powerledger, we can give them just that.”

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