Our Values

Mission aligned: Yes, we're on the same page.

We seek out corporate partners and also employees who are like-minded and share similar values. We want to delight our clients with solutions which reflect a highly collaborative approach.

Built on accountability: Because we said we would.

We are accountable for delivering the promised outcomes and goals in every project we develop.

We are one team: All for one and one for all.

Our employees and partners work as one team. We are open-minded and active listeners. We speak candidly and maintain honest communication.

Leading with rigour: The difference is in the detail.

We strive for excellence with rigorous attention to detail, which helps us to push the boundaries and excel for our business partners and our mission. We accept that pioneering ideas usually meet resistance.

John Bulich
Technical Director & Co-founder • Powerledger

"We believe market mechanisms facilitated by blockchain technology can deliver the energy system of the future without government subsidy."