Powerledger Lightpaper 2023

This document is an update to the original Powerledger whitepaper issued in 2017. We are committed to driving continuous enhancement and innovation in the energy sector, and this revision underscores the revolutionary modifications we have implemented through extensive research and development within Powerledger's blockchain components.

We have transitioned to a high-performance public blockchain, offering low transaction costs, exceptional scalability, and remarkable energy efficiency. Our refined blockchain framework is the direct outcome of meticulously conducted research and development, integrating cutting-edge technologies, several pilots, and commercial deployments to construct an energy and environmental commodity trading platform that is inherently more streamlined and expansively scalable. This Lightpaper sets the stage for a more dynamic approach to functionality expansion and accelerates innovation in energy.

Powerledger Whitepaper 2017

This whitepaper was originally published in 2017 to explore a profound energy shift from centralised ways of managing the grid to a more decentralised way using distributed solar PV systems, batteries, and LEMs.

This paper also dives into how this paradigm shift empowers consumers, granting them greater control over their energy choices with blockchain-based platforms for energy trading and traceability. The paper argues that people are no longer just consumers; they aspire to sustainable, socially responsible, local, resilient, and democratic energy solutions. To propel this revolution into the mainstream, a new energy trading model is needed. One that places the power of choice and control firmly in the hands of everyday citizens, shaping a co-created energy future.