Energy consumers are increasingly interested in using a specific type of clean energy, like solar, wind or green hydrogen. This means transparency is crucial and so too is verifying the provenance of green energy as it moves through the network. Powerledger’s Vision platform feature allows end consumers to choose their energy mix based on the type, source, location and amount of energy they consume.

Vision proves energy provenance and enables traceability, particularly for trading renewable energy between households or businesses. Vision serves as the platform to allow consumers to choose solar, wind, hydropower, or biomass.

Further, Vision provides the required visibility and traceability to verify that green hydrogen has renewable energy sources.

As a Founding Member of the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme, Powerledger is committed to providing a robust and internationally accepted provenance scheme.

Insights at a glance

How does Vision work?

The Vision platform integrates with smart meters to track the energy generated by assets of any size and capacity and location automatically, guaranteeing traceability of energy right back to its source.

Vision enables energy retailers to unlock and create new revenue streams, as well as retain existing customers

A case in point

Powerledger has partnered with green energy retailer ekWateur. Together we’re revolutionizing France’s electricity market with technology that enables consumers to customize their energy mix for the first time.

Using our software, ekWateur’s customers can choose their mix by source, location and the amount of energy, allowing them to better manage their daily consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

Vision will be offered to ekWateur’s 300,000 customers across the Paris metropolitan area and regional France.

Platform Benefits


  • Know exactly where your energy is sourced.
  • The easiest way to find out what your corporation is using every day in terms of carbon.
  • Enables easy ‘fill” and ‘trim’ operations to help make you a 24 /7 power organisation.


Know exactly where your energy is sourced.

Support small generators

Participants are developing the renewable energy market.

Choice of energy

Choose the type, source and location of energy in real time.

Where Vision is being deployed

TDED, Thailand

Powerledger has partnered with TDED, to create a blockchain-based digital energy business developing peer-to-peer energy trading and environmental commodity trading.

ekWateur, France

Powerledger and green energy retailer ekWateur have partnered to enable French consumers to customize their energy mix.

ekWateur, France

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