Powerledger FAQs

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When will staking be available?

Staking has now been launched, learn more here.

Can I sign up as a resident?

Unfortunately, our platform is not direct-to-consumer software at this stage. To be able to access our platform you will require your local energy retailer, network operator or, in Australia, property developer, to be involved and offer our products to you. Once your retailer does offer our platform you will be able to sign up for our exchange. We encourage you to contact your energy retailer and mention your interest in Powerledger, as this can help push the adoption of our technology further.

Where can I get more information for my research project?

Staking has not yet began, Powerledger will make an announcement in due course once available to do so, and how to stake along with the list of validators. We are currently testing staking and working with candidate validators at the moment.Keep an eye on our Powerledger Announcements Group on telegram for the announcement!Staking will occur on the Powerledger Energy Blockchain, but will be linked to the existing POWR (ERC-20) token which will remain on the Ethereum mainnet, with both the stake and the rewards, convertible and payable in existing POWR tokens.In the meantime you may find our Blockchain FAQ article useful for any other questions surrounding our Blockchain.

Do you need installers?

At this time we have do not require installers of solar, wind or other renewable energy generation.

Do you create other blockchains?

Powerledger does not create other blockchains.

Where can I buy POWR tokens?

Powerledger's POWR token is listed on a number of exchanges. Before creating an account or purchasing any POWR tokens, make sure you research the exchange and do your due diligence to ensure you are using a legitimate and safe site. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency we cannot recover any lost tokens. You can learn more here
Powerledger does not provide financial advice, we recommend seeking independent financial, tax and legal advice prior to purchasing any cryptocurrency. Powerledger is not affiliated with any of the above exchanges and disclaims all liability regarding any information available on these exchanges.