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In accelerating the transition to the clean-energy future, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) hold the promise to curb carbon emissions, shore up the distribution sector and unlock new revenue for owners. But DERs come with new problems; how do we make sure they are an irresistible solution?


These invite-only, Chatham-House-Rules events bring together handful of executive peers from around the world. The Roundtables are a moderated discussion around an emerging topic. The Deep-Dives feature a real-life project to help us learn from each other. Would like to request for an executive to be invited? Please let us know.

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Through these events, we help you stay on top of innovation, regulation, and debate. By their nature, some briefings may target a distinct audience and be in languages rather than English. However, our State of Play briefings take place regularly and serve a global audience.

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