Keeping Track of Hydrogen

The new energy and the new challenge.

Hydrogen is emerging as the new way to capture renewable energy. However, checking the provenance is not a straightforward matter. Powerledger’s blockchain technology captures the particular of every amount produced and keeps track of it all.


Green hydrogen is produced when green electricity is used to electrolyse water, which creates hydrogen. It’s the full renewable product.


Brown or black hydrogen by contrast is when you use fossil fuels, like methane, to create the hydrogen. This takes less energy, per kg of H2, but it’s much more dirty, producing 10-12 tons of CO2 for every tonne of “brown hydrogen”.

Grey, red, blue and the rest

Most of the hydrogen produced for industrial use today is “grey hydrogen”. There are nine different ways of producing hydrogen. The important point is that someone has to keep track of which one is which, to differentiate the ‘green’ from the others.

Establishing a new industry

People want to trust what they’re buying.
As hydrogen becomes more and more ubiquitous, our blockchain based system that tracks it will become more essential. It remains the best tool for energy intensive applications.

The council of hydrogen certification

Powerledger has helped to found the council of hydrogen certification, to enable all sorts of industries to track, trace and trade hydrogen of every grade. If you’d like to discuss how we can help you.

Hydrogen is the future

Hydrogen is becoming increasingly more present in today’s energy sector.

For applications where transport is expensive or you need to replace conventional gas, hydrogen is fast becoming the “go to” option.

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