EV solutions

Across the globe, as people move away from fossil fuels to power their cars, the sale of hybrid and electric vehicles is increasing.

Powerledger is at the forefront of making sure electric vehicles are easy to charge, and form part of a grid and car ecosystem.

Reducing emissions

Reducing the need for internal combustion engines, EVs will reduce CO2 as well as NOx emissions.

See what is driving your car

Using Powerledger’s Vision platform, users can see the origin of their energy with full transparency.

Balance the grid

Integrating EVs into a Local Energy Market (LEM) is now seen as a key tool in balancing the grid.

Silicon Valley Power

Supporting one of the largest clean energy EV charging stations in California.

‍Powerledger is digitising and automating the EV transactions. This helps the utility to earn credits under the California Air Resources Board (Carb) low carbon fuel standards (LCFS).

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Powerledger Platform

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