Peer to peer energy trading

The growth of renewable energy generation has seen the development of new marketplaces to trade excess energy. Powerledger has created software solutions that enable renewable energy to be traded within the community. A Local Energy Market allows participants to trade energy amongst each other, for a price competitive to the grid tariff rate. This also assists distribution utilities by limiting import and export to the grid, thus reducing capital expenditure on infrastructure upgrades.

Commercial and Industrial

Businesses can make better use of the renewable energy they generate. Using xGrid, excess renewable energy is able to be shared amongst multiple owned sites. This allows energy supply to be matched to demand within the business. Renewable energy can also be sold to the local community.


Those living within a residential complex can share renewable energy generated from community solar PV. With Powerledger's uGrid, residents can be allocated a share of renewable energy. Any excess energy can be traded behind the main meter with their neighbours. Homes and residential complexes  can also trade excess renewable energy across the meter, using Poweledger's xGrid platform. This energy can be traded within the local community, including other homes and businesses.

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