Trade your goods/services for renewable energy

For any retailer looking to buy electricity in these times of high energy prices, there’s now a surprisingly easy, inexpensive and sustainable way to do it. The answer is to buy electricity from your customers in exchange for the goods and services you produce.

Solar Swap

Buying your customers’ competitively priced energy is surprisingly simple, and the beauty of the scheme is that you build brand engagement in the process. Australian Beer company VB has pioneered this and found its customers loved the idea.

An exchange

Customers sell you their electricity and you sell them your product on an exchange basis and everyone’s happy.


The high level of involvement goes down really well with your consumers who are looking for a more active way to get involved with sustainability.

Buy from your customer

Now you can source your solar energy from your very own customers.

Loyalty P2P

Creates positive brand engagement and lets customers know a brand is serious about sustainability.

Local Energy Market

Solar Swap compares favourably with a more traditional route of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and installing rooftop solar which can be complex and uncertain.

Cross Store P2P

Ideal way for businesses looking to secure 100% of their energy from renewables and it’s cheaper, simpler and more authentically green than any other way to do it.

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