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Powerledger’s technology is powering the VB Solar Exchange program by enabling participants to track and trade their excess solar energy for VB beer.

“A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. And quite a lot of electricity too.
Which is where Powerledger comes in.”
Peter Filipovic
Carlton & United Breweries CEO

A peer-to-beer energy exchange

We’ve partnered with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) the brewer of the iconic VB brand, and created the VB Solar Exchange. It allows households to trade their excess solar power for beer.

CUB will buy this excess solar from residential customers in exchange for beer and give them up to double the value they would get from the usual feed-in tariff.

Powerledger's technology tracks the kilowatt-hours and provides the accounting summary for when beer is due for delivery.

The program is being rolled out on the east coast of Australia with a major advertising campaign to let people know about it. Watch below:

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