April 17, 2024

Powerledger and MYTILINEOS collaborate for clean energy PPA tracking and smart sourcing

Powerledger and MYTILINEOS collaborate to introduce first of its kind clean energy PPA tracking and smart energy sourcing solutions in Greece.

Powerledger in partnership with MYTILINEOS through Protergia to introduce, for the first time, one of its kind energy provenance tracking and tracing solutions in Greece.

With the Powerledger platform, MYTILINEOS’ and Protergia’s consumers can now track, trace and visualise where their energy comes from in near real-time and track their carbon footprint granularly every 5-15 minutes. Simultaneously, MYTILINEOS’ and Protergia’s consumers can take action on their energy consumption, shifting it to a time with a greener energy supply or investing in storage solutions. Powerledger’s platform can also help them make smarter procurement decisions, such as when and with whom it would make sense to sign Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that contribute to a more hybrid energy portfolio, adapting better to their energy needs.

As part of the partnership, the two companies are also delivering smart solutions like green energy tracking and price discovery for EV charging points.

Powerledger - MYTILINEOS partnership boasts several key features as following:

  • It allows consumers to trace, visualise near real-time energy using blockchain and AI. 
  • It provides MYTILINEOS to gain a deeper insight into customer behaviour, preferences, and energy demand patterns and generates a “carbon free energy score” to understand what percentage of the meter energy consumption has been matched with carbon free energy generation.
  • It offers  MYTILINEOS visibility over their entire energy portfolio, including PPAs, onsite generation, and Guarantees of Origins (GOs). 
  • It enables 'time’ and ‘location’ record stamping of energy generation and consumption, allowing for a seamless transition to a 24/7 renewable energy system.

Powerledger’s public blockchain boasts high scalability, extremely low transaction costs, and energy efficiency to handle tens of thousands of transactions. 

“The Powerledger blockchain meticulously tracks and traces the supplied energy from its generation source to its point of consumption, from smart meter data. It ensures a secure and cost-efficient digital record of every supplied kilowatt-hour (kWh), delivering unparalleled transparency and accountability throughout the energy supply chain,” says Dr. Jemma Green, CEO & Co-founder of Powerledger.

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