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Power Ledger’s technology is facilitating peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of solar power from over 2MW of solar PV systems between 150 meters in North Delhi.

“We are happy to join hands with Power Ledger and ISGF for this first of its kind P2P pilot in the capital city.
(The project) will not only pave the way for a faster adoption of solar energy trading but will also empower our consumers to become prosumers.”
Ganesh Srinivasan
Tata Power-DDL CEO

How the technology works 

The project is a P2P trading trial of 150 meters that include TPDDL’s locations as well as their customers with solar generation (prosumers).

Using the Power Ledger platform, they sell their excess energy to other residential and commercial sites in a dynamic pricing environment.

Participants set their prices to buy and sell, and these are matched on the platform in an auction pool, with Power Ledger’s blockchain audit trail of energy transactions providing near real-time settlement and complete transparency throughout the entire process.

This project enables development of an integrated ecosystem of grid-connected, distributed energy resources including EV charging stations and battery energy storage systems that can directly participate in the P2P marketplace.


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