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Power Ledger has partnered with the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS) to launch a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marketplace in the United States.

“M-RETS’ partners were seeking a mechanism to support the transactional process associated with REC marketing and settlement.
Power Ledger’s technology was clearly the best solution; its success has been proven in a number of energy markets and their technology is already in use in North America.”
Benjamin Gerber
M-RETS Executive Director

Power Ledger’s platform will help reduce costs associated with the buying and selling of RECs within M-RETS, which issues over 100 million annual RECs.

The project is part of the first phase of Power Ledger’s partnership with renewable energy developer, owner, and operator Clearway Energy Group.

M-RETS tracks generation from renewable resources across all of North America, serving as a trusted centralized gateway to compliance and voluntary environmental markets to make it easier to track RECs through one system.

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