EVN-CPC: Peer-to-Peer Trading, Vietnam

In partnership with EVN CPC, Powerledger is conducting a peer-to-peer (P2P) pilot enabled by blockchain.

In the numbers

The first P2P project in Vietnam

6 months

The project duration


The year Vietnam aims to achieve Net Zero


Vietnam is the tenth largest producer of solar in the world

Case study overview

This national pilot will enable low cost, transparent and efficient energy trading, along with energy provenance tracking and grid balancing activities. 

Utilizing assets owned by EVN CPC, the main utility in Vietnam, the pilot will aim to demonstrate the financial benefits to participants when trading energy P2P. It will highlight how new technology can empower consumers to find alternative options for their energy needs. 

Based on the outcomes of this pilot, EVN will further assess the applications of P2P trading to support new business models for C&I customers and drive towards a strategy for decarbonisation in Vietnam.

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