KEPCO, Japan

Phase 1 provided communities with cheaper energy systems to offset existing energy costs and allowed generating customers to monetize their renewable energy investments by selling their excess energy peer-to-peer. In the second Phase, KEPCO used Powerledger’s platform to create, track, trade and provide a marketplace for the settlement of renewable energy credits or non-fossil certificates, generated by rooftop solar systems.

In the numbers
> 70kWh

Solar energy traded per week


Trading algorithms executed in two-phased trial


Energy transactions processed per week


Energy consumed from renewable resources

Case study overview

In Phase 1 KEPCO shared meter data from 8 participants at the chosen site in Osaka City, Japan.

In Phase 2 KEPCO shared meter data from 8 participants and we aggregated the generated energy into kWh to be tokenised on our renewable energy credits marketplace. This marketplace provides the framework for providing KEPCO's RE100 customers the ability to use non-fossil certificates against RE100 claims. RE100 is a global initiative led by international non-profit The Climate Group in partnership with global disclosure network CDP.

KEPCO had access to the Powerledger trading platform to facilitate and monitor energy trading between participants to increase the incentive for the development of renewable distributed energy resources (DERs).

KEPCO Representative General Manager

Fumiaki Ishida

"Ever since 2011, Japan has been asking herself how to do renewables properly. Powerledger is helping us find those answers. One thing’s for certain, it won’t be about feed in tariffs."

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