E-NEXT by Energie Steiermark, Austria

E-NEXT with the NEXT-Incubator, the innovation arm of Energie Steiermark, will make Powerledger’s energy trading platform available to an initial 10 Graz households.

In the numbers

Number of households in trial


Austria’s zero emission target


Total energy traded


Higher income compared to Feed-in-Tariff for prosumers

Case study overview

Powerledger’s technology enables those with rooftop solar panels to sell excess renewable energy to their neighbours. As a blockchain-backed platform, the project ensures the anonymity, complying with the European Union’s strict privacy requirements as outlined in the GDPR legislation.

E-NEXT project partner and innovation manager

Mathias Schaffer

"Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt a lot of markets – but as an innovation, we also think it offers new business opportunities and the chance to generate added value for our customers."

Want to know more about the Powerledger Platform?

Would you like to know more about the Powerledger platform and how it works? Contact your local Powerledger representative to book a demonstration.