Feníe Energía, Spain

Feníe Energía is a Spanish energy company of recognized prestige that provides, among others, electricity and gas marketing services, as well as energy saving and sustainable mobility services.

Feníe Energía, Spain
In the numbers
22 kWh

Community Battery storage

60 kW

Available Generation from two Shared PV systems

384 MWh

Annual energy consumption of Almócita


Of several similar projects to be rolled across Spain

Case study overview

A new energy community within Spain will use Powerledger's blockchain-enabled xGrid platform, to allow residents to securely track, trace, and trade locally generated renewable energy.

In partnership with electricity retailer, Feníe Energía, and renewable energy company, Albedo Solar, the project in the municipality of Almócita will deliver energy efficiencies. The distribution of locally generated solar energy will benefit the local community and contribute towards its sustainability.

The initial installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity is 60kW across both public and residential buildings, which is set to grow in the coming phases of the project.

22kWh of battery storage will provide the community with renewable energy during the darker hours, as well as to help benefit from the varying prices throughout the day.

The success of energy communities  could encourage regulatory changes in Spain to further enable peer to peer (P2P) energy trading -much like Powerledger’s work in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Project Director and Co-Founder at Albedo Solar

Jesús Parrilla

"This energy community, with collective self-consumption, is the ultimate step for the sustainability, energy efficiency and self-sufficiency of an environmentally committed village like Almócita. This project is a model of sustainable progress in the energy transition"

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