Elia, Belgium

A research and development project with Powerledger and Elia, one of Europe’s largest Transmission System Operators.

In the numbers
6 months

Project duration


Belgium's target to reduce greeenhouse gas emissons from energy sector

19,192 km

The high-voltage connections controlled by Elia Group

Top 5

Elia is one of Europe's top five TSOs

Case study overview

In Brussels, Belgium, Powerledger has partnered with Elia for research and development of innovative solutions to optimise the mix of renewable energy on the grid. This joint research and development project aims to investigate the potential of peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading. This will enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the energy market, while also increasing the participation of prosumers, or individuals and businesses that both produce and consume energy.

Across April 2023 - October 2023, the project will demonstrate how P2P trading can interact with Transmission System Operator Management Systems to help match local energy generation and demand in a feasible, and scalable way, for the grid.

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