Power Ledger co-founder and chairman Dr Jemma Green joined a panel discussion on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency and the impact this could have on the finance industry.

Held at the Blockchain Centre Perth, Dr Green said Facebook’s accessibility and user base lent itself to helping the unbanked.

“Financial inclusion is one of the sustainable development goals. If you wanted to use the member base of Facebook that is unbanked you could achieve that. It’s just a question of any perverse outcomes that could occur,” said Dr Green.

The panelists said Libra had been given a good head start in terms of user adoption, considering Facebook had about 2.4 billion monthly active users.

“It’s good news for all the real blockchain projects out there because it’s actually legitimising the industry and creating a narrative that this is something the largest companies in the world are doing,” said Dr Green.


  • David Beros, DigitalX Ltd Head of Product


  • Scott Waller, Oceania Assurance Blockchain Leader at Ernst & Young
  • Phil George, Bamboo CEO
  • Leigh Travers, DigitalX Ltd CEO

Watch the full panel discussion below.

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