June 14, 2023

Revolutionizing Energy Retail: How Powerledger Empowers Agile Platforms like ekWateur

Unleash the power of energy retail transformation with ekWateur and Powerledger! Discover how ekWateur disrupted the industry with its agile platform, while Powerledger empowered its customer-centric approach. Real-time data, government partnerships, and blockchain innovation fuel their journey towards a sustainable future.

In the dynamic landscape of energy retail, digital transformations have become crucial for companies seeking to adapt, innovate, and meet evolving customer demands. One such success story is ekWateur, a trailblazing energy retailer that disrupted the industry with its agile platform. In this blog post, we will explore how Powerledger, a leading blockchain energy tracking company, played a pivotal role in empowering ekWateur's journey towards customer-centricity and sustainability.

Rethinking energy retail

Around 2015, ekWateur's Director, Julien Tchernia, and his Technical Partner, Johnathan, recognized the pressing need to revamp every aspect of energy retail, including their platform. Drawing from their extensive experience in the field, they understood the challenges posed by legacy systems that hindered agility and customer satisfaction. Determined to create a revolutionary approach, they embarked on a journey to transform ekWateur's platform from the ground up.

The power of agility

EkWateur's vision was to offer customers the products and experiences they had long been yearning for. They aimed to cater to the demand for renewable energy sources, local energy providers, and even unconventional offerings like wood chips. This required a flexible and responsive platform that could adapt swiftly to changing customer needs. EkWateur's small, tightly-knit team of 12 individuals, including a dedicated product owner, became the driving force behind their incredible agility. With Powerledger's emphasis on data and tracking, they found a kindred spirit that perfectly complemented their platform.

Unleashing the potential of data

Powerledger's collaboration empowered ekWateur to enhance its platform further. Recognizing that the quality and timeliness of data were critical, ekWateur sought to install Voltais units onto smart meters. This upgrade enabled them to access real-time data, eliminating the limitations of delayed information. With up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips, ekWateur was well-positioned to explore new offerings, such as demand response, an area where their customers displayed a keen interest.

Government partnership

The remarkable speed and flexibility of ekWateur's platform caught the attention of the French government. When the government needed to provide highly subsidized energy to vulnerable populations, many established platform owners struggled to adapt their systems. In contrast, ekWateur seamlessly incorporated this additional functionality, demonstrating the power of being closely connected to one's product. Their exceptional response led to further collaboration with the government, extending their impact beyond energy retail and into areas like Bordeaux.

Blockchain innovation

Powerledger's blockchain energy-tracking technology became a catalyst for ekWateur's growth. By leveraging the immutable and transparent nature of blockchain, ekWateur enhanced the traceability and accountability of their energy transactions. This empowered their customers to make informed choices and reinforced ekWateur's commitment to sustainability. The collaboration with Powerledger enabled ekWateur to stay ahead of the curve in an industry constantly seeking innovative solutions.

ekWateur's digital transformation journey showcases the potential for disruption and innovation in the energy retail sector. With an unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and sustainability, ekWateur revolutionized the way energy is bought and sold. The partnership with Powerledger added an extra dimension to their platform, enabling real-time data, enhanced transparency, and empowered decision-making. Together, they embody the spirit of progress and pave the way for a future where energy retail is agile, customer-driven, and environmentally conscious.

As the energy landscape continues to evolve, companies like ekWateur and Powerledger inspire us with their ability to push boundaries, reimagine traditional models, and create a more sustainable and customer-focused energy ecosystem. With collaborations that leverage cutting-edge technologies, we can unlock new possibilities, redefine industry norms, and shape a brighter future for energy retail.

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