March 17, 2022

Remote working: We’ve been doing the new way of working for some time

Working remotely at Powerledger

At Powerledger we’ve been working remotely long before COVID-19 was so much as a lab sample in a far off laboratory.

There are many reasons for this, and we’re proud of all of them.

One of these is that our Chairman and Co-founder, Dr  Jemma Green, is a parent with several children under six. Finding a way to work remotely and manage a brood has been a definite influence for the way we work.

Another reason is to do with geography.

Our head office is based in Perth, Western Australia, which famously is a city further from any other in the world. We are used to dealing with different time zones, which has always been part of the fabric of the way we work.

We have sourced talent from many corners of the world. From India, Tibet, Korea, UK, Australia and the US, which required us to evolve to remote working.

There are many advantages to remote working. It’s not exclusively about avoiding the next COVID-19 variant, either. Sure, we sometimes get aboard an aircraft to visit far off places for face-to-face meetings, but equally a zoom session can be faster, simpler and more efficient. Whilst also having a much lower carbon footprint.

But there are other benefits to a hybrid work style. Projects can continue to tick over in a productive way through the night, as someone on one side of the globe starts a project, before handing over the baton to their peer in the next time zone at the start of their work day.

When you come and work with us you’ll see how we do it. It’s not all remote of course, there’s a solid core of people in Perth who are largely face-to-face, but we’re always asking how we can work better together.

We often use Google sheets and docs with active comments extensively, and try to drive feedback forwards so that asynchronous working is rapid and productive.

At Powerledger we build software solutions that encourage distribution and decentralisation. So it comes naturally to us that we work in the same way.

We value output over presenteeism. Forever evolving and seeking the best ways to achieve the goals of our business and our customers' business.

So why not consider a career with Powerledger? Your contribution to innovation here will be welcomed.

See our fully remote roles here.

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