March 15, 2024

Powerledger unveils xGrid 2.0: Energy trading just got better, faster, and more user-friendly. 

Transforming energy trading with intuitive UI, granular energy tracking, flexible PPA choices, seamless API integration, all empowered by a robust public blockchain.

As the world transitions towards a more sustainable future, renewable energy is set to play a significant role in meeting global energy needs. According to the IEA, renewable capacity will meet 35% of global power generation by 2025. With renewables taking centre stage in the energy mix, the demand for solutions to enhance efficiency and granularity in consumption patterns has never been more critical. 

Introducing xGrid 2.0, an update to our groundbreaking xGrid platform, redefining the way we trade and trace renewable energy.  Let us dive deeper into the features of xGrid 2.0 that are suitable for a new era of intelligent energy management.

Intuitive user interface: At the forefront of xGrid 2.0 lies its modern and minimalist user interface. Designed for ease of use, xGrid 2.0 offers a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. The new xGrid UI is adaptable to any screen size, requiring no extra training or onboarding. 

Vision Integration for granular insights: One of the most notable features of xGrid 2.0 is the integration of Vision, which provides precise energy tracking. This feature enables users to delve into granular energy consumption data and meticulous tracking of carbon emissions, savings, and carbon-free energy scores. Powerledger’s public blockchain ensures transparency and accountability.

Flexibility in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): xGrid 2.0 offers unparalleled flexibility with demand and percentage-based Secondary Market Power Purchase Agreements. You can set up preferential trades directly from the platform, with customisable notifications. 

Seamless API integration for operational excellence: Elevating operational efficiency, xGrid 2.0 boasts seamless API integration. Manage customer onboarding, pricing, billing, and trade configurations autonomously, streamlining processes for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Underpinning these transformative features is Powerledger's robust public blockchain. A perfect choice for its scalability, energy efficiency, and minimal transaction costs, this blockchain infrastructure ensures the integrity and security of every transaction conducted on xGrid 2.0.

xGrid 2.0 epitomises a leap forward in energy trading technology. With its refined user interface, meticulous energy oversight capabilities, flexible power purchase agreements, seamless API integration, and blockchain-backed transparency, Powerledger's xGrid 2.0 stands poised to revolutionise energy trading. 

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