July 25, 2023

Powerledger Announces New Features to Help Customers Achieve Their Decarbonization Goals

Powerledger launches new features to help customers achieve decarbonization goals. Empowering transparency, efficiency, and emission reduction with advanced energy portfolio visualization and geo-location-based emissions tracking. Embrace the journey to a greener future with Powerledger!

Powerledger, a leading provider of blockchain-based energy trading platforms, announced some additional features to help customers achieve their decarbonization goals. These new features will make it easier for customers to track their energy consumption, procure renewable energy, and visualise their carbon footprint.
We are excited to announce these new features for our decarbonization platform. We believe that these features will make it easier for customers to achieve their sustainability goals. We are committed to working with customers to help them build a cleaner and more sustainable future.

New Features: 
1. Advanced energy portfolio visualisation tool:
This tool will allow customers to track their energy consumption, renewable energy procurement, carbon emissions and carbon free energy score (CFE %)  in near real-time. This will not only help customers understand their carbon footprint but also make informed decisions about changing their consumption patterns to reduce their carbon footprint.

2. Tracking geo-location-based emissions: The Powerledger vision feature is designed to assist commercial or industrial energy consumers with multiple sites across the world in tracking their carbon intensity and emissions. It provides a centralised dashboard that facilitates the calculation and visualisation of emissions and carbon intensity metrics in near real-time. The main benefits of this feature are:

  • Centralised Dashboard: Companies can access a single dashboard that consolidates data from multiple geo-locations, simplifying data management and analysis. 
  • Real-Time Tracking: The feature offers near real-time data, allowing companies to stay up-to-date with their environmental performance and make quick decisions.
  • Emission Reduction: Companies can set emission reduction targets and monitor progress, enabling proactive measures to mitigate their environmental impact.
  • Global Scope: The feature accommodates operations in multiple countries, helping businesses navigate diverse regulatory environments and compare performance between sites.
  • Transparency and Reporting: Transparent and accurate emission data can be used for reporting and disclosure, building trust with stakeholders.
  • Optimisation Opportunities: Companies can identify areas with high carbon intensity and explore opportunities for efficiency improvements and renewable energy adoption.
  • Risk Management: By assessing carbon-related risks, companies can develop strategies to manage and mitigate potential regulatory or reputational impacts.

Overall, the Powerledger vision feature empowers companies to make informed decisions, reduce their carbon footprint, and move towards a more sustainable future.

The new features will provide a number of benefits for customers, including:
1. Reduced carbon emissions:
The new tools will help customers to reduce their carbon emissions by making it easier to track their energy consumption, procure renewable energy, and visualise their carbon footprint.

2. Increased transparency: The new tools will provide customers with greater transparency into their energy consumption and carbon emissions. This will help customers to make more informed decisions about how to reduce their environmental impact.

3. Improved efficiency: The new tools will help customers to improve the efficiency of their energy use. This will save customers money and reduce their environmental impact.

Existing Projects:
The Chiang Mai University (CMU) project in Thailand
, in collaboration with TDED, is a smart city involving three campuses and 142 buildings, achieving 30% renewable energy autonomy, with 12 MW of solar and 1.2 MWh of battery capacity across the campus. With visualisation tools, Powerledger provides project stakeholders with energy source tracking and matching, along with peer-to-peer energy trading across campus buildings and faculties. Based on grid intensity data, the solution also provides granular carbon intensity tracking from energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources.

ekWateur, France - "Choose Your Own Energy" mix project
Powerledger helps ekWateur, a retailer of green energy, give hundreds of thousands of French energy users the option to choose their own energy mix. This is the first time that blockchain has been used to track and match energy sources for 24/7 renewable energy. So, customers can choose their energy mix based on the type of renewable energy, location, time, and type of generation. The Powerledger Platform tracks, traces, and gives unquestionable transparency about the energy mix its customers buy. It is the first "Choose Your Own Energy" mix project of its kind, and the goal is to have 22,000 customers by 2024. The platform kept track of 1.67 GWh of energy.

At Powerledger, our mission is to support you in your decarbonization journey and achieve 24/7 carbon-free energy consumption. Embracing the fact that sustainability is a journey and no one holds all the answers yet, we are committed to working together with companies like yours, step by step, to navigate the path to a greener future. Together, we will unlock new possibilities, overcome challenges, and build a sustainable world for generations to come. 

Join us in this transformative journey towards a brighter, cleaner and greener tomorrow! 🌿 

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