December 6, 2017

Powerledger Named Western Australia’s Highest Trending Company in Techboard WA Awards

Last night Powerledger, was named as the top trending startup in Western Australia at the Techboard 2017 WA Awards.

Last night Powerledger, was named as the top trending startup in Western Australia at the Techboard 2017 WA Awards.

Over the course of 2017, Techboard has been tracking metrics on Australian Startups and publishing monthly rankings that rank companies on the extent to which the metrics indicate they are trending or gaining mindshare. The Techboard 2017 Awards are a culmination of those monthly rankings.

Powerledger was named one of the top 10 trending Startups and Young Tech Companies in Australia (for the National Awards) and the top trending Company in the Western Australian Awards.

The Techboard Awards cap a hugely successful year for Powerledger, which saw multiple pilots in market; the appointment of prominent Silicon Valley VC Bill Tai a board advisor; and the successful completion of a Token Sale, which raised A$34M from over 15,000 buyers.

During the token sale, Powerledger also announced two new major deals that have undoubtedly added to the momentum of Australia’s highest trending company. The first, with Origin Energy in Australia, that will run until the end of 2017 and see customers using the Powerledger platform to either buy or sell excess energy. The second with Tech Mahindra in India, which will see Powerledger’s trading platform used in conjunction with microgrids at sites across India for development of autonomous distributed energy markets.

“We are honoured to be named the highest trending startup in Western Australia, and in the top ten nationally,” commented David Martin, co-founder and Managing Director of Powerledger.

“2017 has been a brilliant year for Powerledger, and a banner year for both WA and Australian startups. We’re excited to celebrate the successes we have had, and to bring this momentum with us as we move forward into 2018 and beyond.”

Powerledger’s goal of a more renewable future continues into 2018. The company has shared plans to onboard more application hosts, in order to grow the platform and create network effects. Powerledger and platform application hosts will also begin to conduct Asset Germination Events, giving POWR token holders priority access to becoming co-owners and beneficiaries of renewable assets.

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