December 4, 2020

LIVE WEBINAR: Scaling renewables on the grid

Powerledger's Vinod Tiwari and Anya Nova discuss how to scale renewables on the electricity grid.

The election of US President-elect Joe Biden puts renewables back on the American policy agenda.

As the US pivots to greener energy policies, it will put the spotlight on companies everywhere to go beyond compliance and become sustainability leaders on the path to 100% renewable energy.

The way they achieve this goal can be anywhere on the spectrum from renewable energy certificates to PPAs and many more alternatives in between.

Join us in this conversation as we explore how energy is transacted, why corporate leaders are considering the impacts on the grid when buying energy and how RECs 2.0 are now part of the mix.

Find out how renewable energy certificates are transacted, what makes them a necessary part of the global renewable energy space and how Power Ledger’s TraceX software works.

Just like Tesla is reinventing the wheel for what’s possible in car manufacturing, companies will have to rethink their commitments to the future of the planet.

Power Ledger is a bridge between old and new energy.

Further answers to questions asked during the Live Webinar can be found here.

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