November 10, 2023

Leveraging TraceX for Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Environmental Attribute Certificates (EAC) Procurement

TraceX introduces new features like 'Market Filter' and 'Bulk Selling' to streamline EAC procurement, offering transparent market insights and efficient, cost-effective operations.

As more companies commit to meeting their green targets through Environmental Attribute Certificates (EACs), the need for more efficient ways of using these tools becomes increasingly apparent.

Certainly there is a well-documented lack of transparency around the pricing of EACs and combined with inefficiencies of human middlemen, costs can be high and errors creep in too.

TraceX is designed to remove these obstacles with a digital platform, enabling companies to achieve their green targets in an efficient and more economical way. 

So how can you use TraceX’s features to streamline EAC procurement? 

Enhanced Market Analysis and Informed Decision-Making with the new Market Filter

When it comes to EAC trading, customers often grapple with making informed procurement decisions due to a lack of comprehensive market insight. TraceX's new filtering system offers a holistic view of real-time market prices. It displays both bids and asks cohesively. This transparency allows users to make well-informed decisions, offering efficient price discovery from both buying and selling perspectives.  

Moreover, as sustainability targets evolve to become more and more granular, you need to select attributes for specific sustainability goals. 

This new feature called Market Filter, allows users to filter and choose RECs with the desired attributes. These could be location, fuel source, front or back half with a particular vintage, a voluntary or compliance program, or specifying EACs from a particular project. Enhanced flexibility enables companies to tailor their choices to meet both regulatory requirements and corporate sustainability objectives.

Efficiency Optimised with the 'Bulk Selling' Functionality

This new ‘Bulk Selling’ feature allows users to list and sell multiple EAC holdings simultaneously, saving time and capitalising on moving market conditions instantly. It simplifies portfolio management, eliminating the need for complex processes and long transaction waits, setting a new standard for efficiency in the financial world.  

Adding Multiple Users to Your TraceX Account

As companies grow in size, collaborative decision-making becomes an important facet of their growth. This new feature allows companies to seamlessly add multiple users to their account.
It streamlines the process, fostering a dynamic and agile environment for efficient operations and decision making. 


TraceX’s new features address the traditional challenges of EAC procurement, making it efficient and economical. With streamlined procurement, transparent market insights, flexible attribute selection, and user-friendly features, companies can now follow a more efficient and transparent pathway to a net-zero future. 

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