April 6, 2022

Granular Energy Certificates for more a transparent energy market

Powerledger has partnered with other members of EnergyTag to produce the standards for granular certification.

EnergyTag’s report ‘Granular Certificate Scheme Standard’ aims to provide common standards and guidelines for the lifecycle management of Granular Certificates, so they are able to become a recognised, robst and trusted instrument. Doing so will enable buyers and sellers to not only choose the source and location of their energy, but also the time that it was produced. This will allow buyers to purchase renewable energy when it is abundant and cheap, whilst also incentivising the development of technologies to produce renewable energy 24/7.

“Increasingly, the question is not simply ‘how do we install more renewables?’, it is ‘how can we manage the energy system so as to maximise the positive impact of renewable energy and drive system decarbonisation?”

Phil Moody, EnergyTag’s Chairman

An overview of the roles of the granular certificate scheme
What is energy tag

The EnergyTag Initiative is an independent, non-profit, industry-led initiative to define and build a market for Granular Certificates that enables energy users to verify the source of their electricity and carbon emissions in real-time.

Read the report here.

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