February 19, 2024

GBBC Virtual Members Forum 2024: Accelerating energy transition with Powerledger’s public blockchain

Powerledger's leadership delves into blockchain's pivotal role in driving energy transition, spotlighting innovations and synergies with AI at the GBBC Virtual Forum.

Powerledger’s Co-founder and Chairman, Dr. Jemma Green, and CTO, Dr. Vivek Bhandari, recently joined the GBBC Virtual Members Forum to discuss how Powerledger’s public blockchain is at the forefront of driving the energy transition. Dr. Jemma Green took a deep dive into the journey of Powerledger's public blockchain, elucidating the reasons behind making this innovative technology available for public use. With a focus on high scalability, low cost, and energy efficiency, Dr. Jemma explained how the Powerledger's applications supported by its blockchain solve some of the most pressing challenges in the energy sector.

Further into this conversation, Dr. Bhandari highlighted Powerledger's recently launched AI-based forecasting algorithm for efficient energy management. Moreover, Dr. Bhandari elaborated on how the synergy between blockchain and AI technologies holds immense potential to unlock new possibilities in the energy sector.

To get in-depth insights into blockchain in energy and its various use cases, watch the full video here:

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