September 6, 2022

Developing Smart Cities and Green Energy Communities with Blockchain technology - with Dr Jemma Green

In a recent podcast with Victoria Delgado Trevino from Metaversd, our Co-founder and Chairman, Dr. Jemma Green, talks about how blockchain technology is paving the way towards net zero by changing the way local communities generate, store and trade their renewable energy.

Blockchain technology is being used daily to achieve sustainability targets. Whilst disrupting traditional energy markets, it is shaping the way local communities generate, store, and trade electricity.

Hear how Dr. Jemma Green plans to transform energy markets by enabling the construction of grid-interactive buildings and peer-to-peer energy trading in communities and cities. Dr. Green will discuss how new residential developments, and existing building portfolios, can become self-sustaining by embracing renewables, as well as how our electric vehicles, such as Tesla, can be used as a home battery to store excess energy.

Dr. Green will also discuss Powerledger's business model and how the POWR token is used to settle transactions. You will get to know why Blockchain technology is ideal for trading energy, and how commodity trading companies can embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The distributed, immutable, and borderless nature of blockchain technology complements the variability of renewable energy.

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode.

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