November 26, 2021

Construction begins at carbon-neutral development using Powerledger’s energy trading platform

New development to provide apartment owners with renewable energy trading utilising Powerledger's platform.

Over two-thirds of apartments at Fremantle’s Montreal Commons development have now been sold, as construction begins at Western Australia’s landmark sustainable apartment complex in Fremantle. This new development, in partnership with Powerledger, is setting the benchmark for sustainable apartment design.

The innovative project by OP Properties will enable residents living in Montreal Commons to access 100% renewable energy and cut their strata levies by 50%. 

This is one of the first developments in Australia with such financial benefits whilst also achieving lower carbon emissions.

Powerledger’s technology will enable apartment owners to sell excess solar electricity they generate back to Powerledger's 670 kWh on-site battery. During times of peak demand, they can then buy back electricity, as required, from the on-site battery at an agreed price.

Powerledger's 670 kWh on-site battery

“Montreal Commons will use Powerledger’s platform to produce about 240 tonnes less of carbon emissions per year compared to a typical apartment building. This is equivalent to taking fifty cars off the road,” said Powerledger co-founder and chairman Dr Jemma Green.

The project is using developer-funded 75kW solar rooftop photovoltaics (PVs) and local battery storage, topped up with 100 per cent green energy from the grid through the local electricity retailer, Green Energy.

OP Properties Co-Founding Director Nic Osboine said a turning of the sod ceremony has been the culmination of over two years of hard work by a range of stakeholders who had the vision to create a beautifully designed and environmentally sustainable apartment building.       

OP Properties will be covering the total cost of installing the rooftop solar system, allowing apartment owners, who will retain ownership of the systems the ability to reap the benefits of their systems without being in debt or having a pay-back period for them. 

“Being carbon-neutral and reducing property ownership cost is a win-win for buyers and shows how low-carbon design outcomes can be used to create financial benefits for apartment owners globally,”  said OP Properties Co-Founding Director, Luke Parker.

The building contract has been awarded to Northerly Group Australia and construction has now commenced.

Michael Lawson, managing director of Northerly Group, said he was particularly delighted to be involved with such a progressive and innovative project. 

“We strive to be class-leading as a design/construct builder so being able to deliver a project like this reflects our mantra,” said Mr Lawson. 

Powerledger has recently committed to the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, an initiative by Google in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All and UN-Energy that sets out to decarbonize the world’s electricity systems. As part of this commitment, Powerledger is officially recognized as a solutions provider to businesses that wish to achieve 24/7 Carbon-free energy. You can read more on Powerledger’s compact here.

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