June 2, 2018

BCPG To install 12 megawatt rooftop solar power system for Chiang Mai University’s Smart City-Clean Energy Project using Powerledger's P2P Platform

Powerledger partner BCPG has today announced it has been selected to install 12-MW rooftop solar power system for Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

Mr. Bundit Sapianchai, President and CEO of BCPG said that the company had been selected by Chiang Mai University (CMU) to install 12-MW rooftop solar power system in Suan Sak, Suan Dok and Mae Hia areas to sell electricity to the university for a period of 20 years.

The company will also install a smart distribution network that connects and communicates with the University’s Smart Campus Management Center through CMU’s existing information technology system.

BCPG will jointly develop Chiang Mai University towards becoming a smart and clean campus under the University’s Master Plan for Energy and the Environment. The company plans to study consumers’ energy consumption behaviour by using Powerledger’s peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading platform.

The Powerledger P2P Platform will provide automated reconciliation and settlement as well as aggregating excess capacity and energy to provide virtual power plant (VPP) services such as network control for the distribution network.

An electric vehicle charging station will also be installed to study the usage behaviour of electric cars in the university. The information from both projects will be used to support the development of CMU’s smart campus program.

“BCPG is very pleased to collaborate with CMU by bringing innovation to help drive CMU’s Smart City-Clean Energy project to create a society of wisdom and sustainable development for the community,” Mr Sapianchai said.

“We are also looking for further opportunities to bring digital energy to Chiang Mai province as one of the pilot provinces in the special area for the government’s Smart City project for digital economy,” he continued.

“We’re excited to demonstrate how Powerledger’s peer-to-peer platform can assist with cutting both costs and on carbon with a secure, clean energy source alongside our partners at BCPG,” Powerledger Managing Director and Co-Founder, David Martin said.

The commercial, utility-grade deployment will initially run across pre-existing campus buildings with plans to kick off in 2019.

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