December 19, 2019

Anya Nova elected to Blockchain Australia 2020 Board

Powerledger Crypto Economist Anya Nova has been elected to the board of Australia’s blockchain industry body Blockchain Australia, to advise on the technology's scale-up within the country.

Powerledger Crypto Economist Anya Nova has been elected to the board of Australia’s blockchain industry body Blockchain Australia, to advise on the technology's scale-up within the country.

Ms Nova specializes in security tokens and is a strong advocate for renewable energy and blockchain adoption, previously working internationally in roles with Shell, Rio Tinto, and Merrill Lynch.

Recognized as an expert in her field, Ms Nova was named Blockchain leader of the Year at the 2019 Australia Blockchain Industry Awards and is a Women in Technology WA '20 in 20' Award recipient.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute my knowledge to Australia’s tech scene and push for greater acceptance of blockchain, particularly in the energy space. Australia is yet to realize its potential as a renewable energy powerhouse, so hopefully I can spark some positive energy into active policy discussions that actually make a difference,” said Ms Nova.

Ms Nova will join industry leaders across fintech and traditional finance including Sydney Stock Exchange CEO Michael Go, digital currency exchange Independent Reserve CEO Adrian Przelonzy and Leigh Travers, Managing Director of DigitalX Ltd, the world’s first listed blockchain company on a stock exchange.

Powerledger has built a series of products to enable energy trading, renewable asset financing and more efficient carbon and renewable energy credit markets, and has recently launched a Virtual Power Plant pilot in South Australia.

Powerledger Co-founder and Executive Chairman Dr Jemma Green is hopeful that Ms Nova’s position will assist in driving adoption of a more efficient two-sided energy market within Australia.

“We are starting to see a significant appetite for energy trading not just in Australia, but globally. Anya has assisted Powerledger in developing a model for a new energy marketplace and we believe she will play an instrumental role in driving blockchain-enabled trading models at a policy level within Blockchain Australia,” said Dr Green.

Powerledger has been involved in a number of discussions with policy makers around the world as governments, industry bodies and businesses alike are quickly realizing the power of coming together to enact change.

The company’s blockchain-enabled platform won Sir Richard Branson’s global Extreme Tech Challenge award in 2018 and has trials in several countries including Austria, Japan, Thailand, Australia and The United States.

Blockchain Australia Board for 2020

Directors representing digital currency exchange members:

  • Mine Digital CEO Grant Colthup
  • Independent Reserve CEO Adrian Przelozny

Directors representing blockchain scale-up members:

  • Nodl Managing Director and Co-founder Rob Allen (Deputy Chair)
  • Powerledger Crypto Economist Anya Nova

Directors representing corporate and advisory members:

  • Hall & Wilcox Special Counsel John Bassilios (Company Secretary)
  • Sydney Stock Exchange CEO Michael Go

Directors representing the Fellows of Blockchain Australia:

  • DigitalX Ltd Executive Director Leigh Travers (Treasurer)
  • Get Paid in Bitcoin Managing Director Adam Poulton (Chair)

Directors representing the business professional members:

  • BlockConsulting Group Founder Karen Cohen
  • S2M Digital Recruitment Founder and Managing Director David Jackson

Directors representing the student members:

  • Paul Pounendis

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Nicholas Giurietto

Retiring members of the Blockchain Australia Board:

Ron Tucker, Richard McCarthy, Katrina Donaghy, Cindy Nicholson, Rupert Hackett, Sheree Ip, Martin McGinty, Alex Saunders, Lucas Cullen and Caleb Yeoh.

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