A short history of Powerledger

Incorporated in 2016, Powerledger has been a key driver for change energy market policy and blockchain innovation.

Q1 2022

Powerledger wins the Renewable Energy Markets Asia Award

Powerledger was awarded the REM Asia award in recognition of our efforts in encouraging the growth of renewables in Asia, through innovation and new market approaches to sustainable energy.

Q1 2022

The TraceX platform is launched

Our TraceX platform went live allowing our M-RETS members in the United States to onboard and begin trading renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Q1 2022

Powerledger announced as a winner for the World Summit Awards

Powerledger was announced as one of the winners at the World Summit Awards (WSA) for our ground breaking peer-to-peer energy trading project in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Q4 2021

Construction began at the Montreal Commons Development

Construction began at the Montreal Commons development, which will utilise our platform to allow the local residents to buy and sell renewable energy they generate back to the on-site battery.

Q4 2021

Chile welcomed the Powerledger platform

BHB chose us to be a part of a landmark energy initiative in Chile. We were chosen to undertake a sustainability project implementing a range of solutions through a solar microgrid network in the cities of Mamiña, Parca and Iquiuca.

Q3 2021

Powerledger migrates to a Solana-based blockchain

We began development for the migration from Powerledger’s Ethereum based EcoChain to a permissioned Solana-based blockchain, to provide commercial grade scalability for the Powerledger platform.

Q2 2021

Zero Carbon Certification Scheme

We became a founding partner of the Smart Energy Council & Hydrogen Australia’s Zero Carbon Certification Scheme to develop a certification methodology for hydrogen and ammonia.

Q1 2021

Peer to beer with Victoria Bitters

We partnered with Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), owned by Asahi Beverages, to develop the Victoria Bitters Solar Exchange (VBSE). The VBSW allowed households to trade their excess solar power for VB beers.

Q1 2021

Powerledger's projects expand to North Delhi, India

We partnered with Tata Power-DDL to enable peer-to-peer energy trading between 150 electrical meters in the North Delhi district. We continued to develop the platform adding new trading logics to facilitate a combination of commercial and residential customers.

Q4 2020

Uttar Pradesh Power Corp Ltd, India – Client Project

Following the successful pilot led by Powerledger the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) issued a tariff order, directing all the utilities in the state of Uttar Pradesh to implement peer-to-peer energy trading. We continued the development of the platform adding the integration for API readings and additional trading logics.

Q3 2020

Strata levy reductions

OP Properties partnered with us to integrate the Powerledger platform into their apartment development. Following the integration of our platform the tenants have saved 50% on their annual strata levies. The continued development of the platform included upgrading our xGrid, uGrid and Vision applications with new trading logic for batteries.

Q2 2020

Powerledger projects expand in Thailand

We partnered with the Thai energy group TDED for a joint venture with the Thailand Government, to develop peer-to-peer energy and environmental commodity trading solutions across Thailand.

Q2 2020

Nicheliving project development

We signed a three-year deal with Nicheliving to integrate the uGrid application across their 10 residential developments which include solar, batteries and EV charging stations.

Q2 2020

Powerledger enables consumers to choose the source of their energy

We partnered with green energy retailer, ekWateur to roll out our peer-to-peer energy trading platform to its customers in France. The Vision application was developed and deployed, enabling consumers to choose their energy source.

Q1 2020

Powerledger named winner of the Alperia competition

Our team wins the competition to work with Alperia SpA, one of Italy’s largest green energy utilities, which has over 280,000 customers. Continued development was done on our peer-to-peer model for European communities.

Q1 2020

M-RETS integrates TraceX

M-RETS, the largest REC registry in North American, which issues over 100 million RECs annually integrated our TraceX platform, providing them with unprecedented traceability over their energy trades.

Q1 2020

Powerledger purchases its own PV

We purchased a 250kW photovoltaic (PV) system from Perdaman Advanced Energy, that we used to test our PPA Vision application.

Q4 2019

KEPCO extends trial in Japan

KEPCO extends our trial to track renewable energy credits called Non-Fossil Value (NFV) certificates. The continued development of our platform included aggregating energy for NFV certificates and further development of the TraceX platform.

Q4 2019

Peer-to-peer energy trading in Uttar Pradesh, India

We partnered with the Uttar Pradesh Government, to introduce peer-to-peer energy treading across the grid. We developed and tested of multiple new trading logics, including the functionality to gift and donate energy.  

Q4 2019

Platform deployment in Canberra, Australia

Our first commercial platform deployment in Canberra, Australia in partnership with EPC Solar Group.

Q4 2019

Peer-to-peer energy trading comes to India

We partnered with Indian discom BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), delivering peer-to-peer energy trading through a developed desktop trial.

Q3 2019

Powerledger is welcomed to Malaysia

We signed an 8-month peer-to-peer energy trading trial with the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in Malaysia, for the innovative government project.

Q3 2019

Peer-to-peer energy trading in Japan

We partnered with the Japanese solar provider, Sharing Energy and electricity retailer, eRex to trial peer-to-peer solar energy trading in Kanto, Japan.

Q3 2019

Development in across the grid energy trading

Our first regional trial in the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu where we tested and developed a new model where commercial, industrial and residential clients were able to share and trade energy with each other across the grid.

Q2 2019

Carbon Credits Trading

We commenced new commercial projects for C6 and C6+ carbon tracking and continue to develop our Renewable Energy Credits (REC) trading application, TraceX.

Q2 2019

Trial Extension for the Renew Nexus project

The scope of our role in the Renew Nexus project was expanded to include an extension of our energy trading trial.

Q2 2019

RECs get a digital marketplace

We partnered with Clearway Energy Group which allowed us to to develop a platform to trade Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US. Ongoing developments for the TraceX platform to included trading and settling capabilities.

Q2 2019

Peer-to-peer energy trading in Austria

Our partnership with E-NEXT, a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, made renewable energy peer-to-peer trading available in Austria for the first time.

Q4 2018

Platform beta testing

We began beta tests of our xGrid, uGrid and Carbon Trading Applications.

Q3 2018

Expansion to the United States

We partnered with American PowerNet for the implementation of our xGrid application in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection, the largest US wholesale electricity market. Development continued on our platform, adding billing integration for the utility grid’s billing system.

Q3 2018

Partnership with Vicinity Shopping Centres

We partner with Vicinity Shopping Centres implementing an across-the-meter trial for Vicinity’s A$75 million industry-leading solar program.

Q3 2018

Expansion of our partnership with BCPG

The Powerledger platform goes across-the-meter for the T77 Precinct, Bangkok project with our partner BCPG.

Q2 2018

Development of TraceX

We begin our first carbon credit project with Silicon Valley Power, tracking the transactions of Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits (LCFS). The continued development on our platform included the addition of automated measurement, verification and reporting functionality utilizing blockchain for our TraceX application, enabling tokenization of environmental commodities through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Q2 2018

Japan welcomes the Powerledger platform

We partner with Japan’s second-largest electricity utility Kansai Electric Power Co. bringing the Powerledger platform to Japan.

Q1 2018

Transition to Ethereum

Powerledger completed the transition to a modified fee-less Consortium Ethereum network.

Q1 2018

First large scale commercial platform deployment

We undertook a peer-to-peer energy trading trial with BCPG, a Thailand Government backed renewable energy developer. We delivered a major upgrade to the platform bringing a new UI for BCPG, an interface to view the blockchain audit trail of records, the addition of consumers' statement of use and exportable billing data. This was the first large scale launch of a commercial and industrial peer-to-peer energy trading project for our platform.

Q1 2018

Extreme Tech Challenge Winner

We were awarded first place in Richard Branson's 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge, the world's largest startup competition for entrepreneurs addressing the globe's most serious challenges.

Q1 2018

Powerledger At World Economic Forum

We presented the keynote speech at the World Economic Forum for the 2018 Davos. We also became a founding member of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

Q4 2017

Platform development

Our platform was deployed after the rebuild, transitioning the base code from PHP to Java with enterprise grade microservices. We also worked on further developments to the xGrid, uGrid and Vision applications including new UI’s and other integrated, scalable platform features.

Q4 2017

Winner of Techboard WA Awards

Powerledger named as Western Australia’s Highest Trending Company in the Techboard WA Awards.

Q4 2017

Powerledger in Europe

The first deployment of the our blockchain-enabled energy trading platform to Europe. Our platform supported the growth of low-cost, low-carbon distributed energy markets for microgrid developments in Europe. Development of the Powerledger platform prepared it for German speaking countries.

Q4 2017

Energy market research

Along with our project partners, we received part of a A$2.5M grant, for an A$8M project researching the energy market. The project utilised our blockchain-enabled platform, in partnership with the Australian Government, the Western Australian Government, Curtin University, Murdoch University and CSIRO’s Data61.

Q4 2017

Powerledger Platform Enterprise Development

We commenced the rebuild of the Powerledger platform. Transitioning from PHP to Java including enterprise grade microservices and a new and improved user interface.

Q4 2017

Peer-to-peer energy trading with Origin

We completed a successful peer-to-peer energy trading project which utilised the xGrid application with our project partner Origin Energy.

Q3 2017

Token Generation Event

The Token Generation Event closed in October 2017, raising A$34m, allowing for substantial accelerated platform development and incentivised many of our early adopters onto the Powerledger Platform.

Q3 2017

Equitable allocation model

In partnership with Access Housing for their Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) cooperative project, we developed the platform’s equitable allocation model. This was the first commercial roll out of the model, which allowed for the allocation of consumption by different households and the trading of excess energy amongst the tenants.

Q2 2017

Bank on and off-ramping

We secured the process for a direct exchange between the Sparkz token and fiat currencies, in real-time. Adding to the pre-existing functionality of exchanging energy for Sparkz in real-time. By providing bank on and off-ramping, we cleared one of the largest barriers for peer-to-peer energy trading.

Q1 2017

First commercial platform deployment

Our first commercial deployment of the uGrid application, enabling peer-to-peer energy trading, behind the grid at the GenY apartments in White Gum Valley. The implementation of the the uGrid application lead to an increased ROI for Prosumers and cheaper, cleaner energy for consumers.

Q4 2016

First international platform deployment

The first international deployment of our xGrid energy trading application, with Vector Limited in New Zealand. We continued to develop the platform, integrating payments and settlements.

Q3 2016

First energy trading trial

Our first trial of blockchain-enabled energy trading, where we developed and deployed the xGrid application, enabling peer-to-peer energy trading across the grid.

Q2 2016

Powerledger is Incorporated

We are incorporated as one of the first energy blockchain companies globally, and commenced the development of our blockchain-enabled platform that can track, trace and trade energy.