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Our Values

Leading the global movement to democratize energy, where people have access to energy, can participate in energy markets and improve the lives of others.

Our Vision

Leading the global democratization of energy movement where people have access to energy, can participate directly in energy markets and improve their lives and the lives of others.

To be a major contributor to transforming energy markets and sustainability globally, positively impacting the lives of 1 billion people.

Our values

We are passionate, inclusive, and innovative.

We are attentive to the strategy, objectives of the business, and the need for achievement.

We admit our weaknesses and limitations, to build trust.

We welcome healthy disagreement and debate rather than fear it.

To gain commitment from all staff, we hold each other to account to support each other.

We are rigorous in managing and mitigating risks.

Energy markets are changing fast. Power Ledger’s technology creates the marketplace to keep customers connected to the grid and empowers them to control their energy future. Dr. Jemma Green, co-founder and chairman at Power Ledger

Our Proposition

  • Global brand recognition as a leader in energy, carbon and blockchain.
  • Innovation leader in technology from a markets and user perspective.
  • Integrated business model capturing multiple value streams.
  • Active deployments in every major region including the US, Europe, India, North and South Asia, and Australia.
If we want to achieve a fundamentally different outcome from our energy system, we need to take a fundamentally different approach to how and where energy is produced, sold and consumed. The property industry is in a unique position to drive this energy change from the ground up. David Martin, co-founder and director at Power Ledger