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uGrid maximises ROI by enabling buildings to trade energy between each other.

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uGrid enables energy trading within microgrids.
uGrid can be used in shopping centers, apartment complexes, office buildings and retirement villages.
If you live in an apartment building or manage and develop properties for a living, getting everyone comfortable that the system will calculate everything fairly could be a challenge.

The Power Ledger platform handles this simply and transparently using the blockchain. The platform enables residents to trade solar energy with each other and monetise their roof space. It means residents can buy from those closest to them, keeping the investment, profit and benefit of renewables within the community.

In shopping centres and commercial buildings, uGrid can create the marketplace from complex energy systems to deliver return on investment for asset owners.

How does uGrid work?

uGrid provides detailed usage data and consumption tracking to identify where the bulk of energy is being used. uGrid creates a local energy marketplace, with trading rules that can be set based on how you want the market to operate.

Detailed usage data allows you to track consumption and be more energy efficient in common areas, because you’ll be able to see where the bulk of energy is being used, and by whom, and manage it more efficiently.

For developers or building managers, the platform means you can offer more attractive rates to residents in comparison with traditional service providers.

Benefits for energy providers

• Ability to save energy costs with detailed usage data insights.
• Improves sustainability of development.
• Extra incentive to install solar on new developments.

Benefits for customers

• Access to cheaper, renewable electricity.
• Improved visibility over energy consumption.
• Potential revenue stream for building managers.
• uGrid can be implemented on greenfield and brownfield developments.

Essential requirements

  • Agreement needs to be in place with Power Ledger and the retailer.
  • Smart meter/advanced meter capable of providing interval meter data.
  • Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

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