October 4, 2017

How Blockchain Will Take Fossil Energy by Storm

Powerledger’s Dr Jemma Green features in Forbes.

In amongst the horrendous destruction that Irma and Maria wrought on the British Virgin Islands there was just one strand of good news.

For years, islanders have recognised the problems with their form of electrical generation and despite plenty of goodwill and effort, the islands have resisted transforming their infrastructure.

Sir Richard Branson with his microgrid on Necker Island has certainly shown how things could be, but up until now, he too has had little success in spurring the other islands to get renewables to replace the old diesel generation system.

Now, as Powerledger Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Dr Jemma Green explains, with new blockchain products that promote the development of renewables and micro grids, together with the storm’s destruction of the old infrastructure, things might be about to change.

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