Joint webinar: IRENA and SEDA - Power Ledger
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Joint webinar: IRENA and SEDA

Innovations for a decentralised, renewable-powered system: peer-to-peer electricity trading.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in Malaysia are pairing up to discuss peer-to-peer energy trading. SEDA will be sharing their experiences of using the Power Ledger energy trading software from the first-ever trial in Malaysia for P2P trading.

Power Ledger Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Dr Jemma Green and Head of Business Development and Sales Vinod Tiwari will give a key presentation discussing blockchain energy and how it is being deployed around the world.

Full Agenda

  • Opening address & Introduction
    • Innovation Landscape report for a renewable-powered future, Arina Anisie, Associate Programme Officer, IRENA
  • Welcoming remarks
    • Ir Dr Sanjayan Velautham, CEO, SEDA
  • Presentations
    • Renewable integration and power system decentralisation, Francisco Boshell, Renewable Energy Markets and Standards Analyst, IRENA
    • Case Study: Pilot Run of P2P Energy Trading, Hazril Izan bin Bahari, Director, SEDA
    • Blockchain energy use: cases and real applications deployed around the world, Jemma Green, Co-Founder and Chairman, Power Ledger; and Vinod Tiwari, Head of Business Development & Sales, Power Ledger.
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
    • Moderator: Arina Anisie, IRENA

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