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VPP2.0 Benefits Calculator

Calculate what your annual energy costs could be with solar power and battery storage. Estimate your savings and how long will it take to payback the upfront cost of the solar and battery systems.

How VPP 2.0 puts money in your pocket

Power Ledger’s VPP 2.0 bundle consist of solar panels, home battery system and Power Ledger’s cloud platform working together to maximise your benefits from solar storage system.

This calculator estimates your savings and earnings based on your daily energy consumption. For South Australia, where our product is currently available, an average household consumes 18 kWh. We have pre-fed the energy rates and feed-in-tariff from our retail partner Powerclub into this calculator. We have also pre-filled an estimated cost of your solar storage (10kWh sonnen home batterie 9.53) system based on special pricing that we get from our installation partners. The actual benefits will vary based on future variations in energy price, on your final contract with Powerclub and actual installation costs. Please register to receive a custom quote for your specific system.

Self consumption Savings from using energy generated by your solar panels and energy stored in the battery
Feed in Earnings from 'feed-in-tariff' from your retailer
Price events Earnings from exporting power during peak events
Total savings

Benefits calculator

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Power Ledger VPP 2.0 is currently limited to working with the sonnen homebatterie v8 and above.

sonnen homebatterie 10kWh (v8 and above)
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Please refer to the South Australian Government website for details and eligibility of this subsidy.

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This calculator is intended to provide illustrative examples based on stated assumptions and your inputs.

Although we've tried hard to get all the calculations correct - there is a possibility that we've made a mistake somewhere.

Be aware that the default settings of the solar calculator will most likely not be applicable to your situation, and you should ensure you change all the inputs to reflect your own circumstances.

Also, no one knows what the feed in tariff rates or energy prices will be in the years ahead.

Calculations are meant as estimates only and are not intended to be kept or used for any practical purpose. They are based on information from sources believed to be reliable and accurate and are not intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice.

The calculators are not intended to be solely relied on for the purposes of making a decision in relation to a solar power product or finance deal.

Consumers should consider obtaining advice from an Australian Financial Services licensee before making any financial decision regarding mortgages, loans or solar financing.

Actual outcomes will depend on a range of factors outside the control of Power Ledger.

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