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Our VPP software enables you to reduce your energy bills to almost zero. We also have industry partnerships that will get you great deals on solar panels and batteries. Register your interest today.

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Benefits of VPP 2.0

Power Ledger helps people transact energy, trade environmental commodities and invest in renewables. A virtual power plant is a network of batteries and rooftop solar panels that pool their stored electricity to sell back to the grid during peak times. With our software platform, customers are actively involved and receive great returns.

Reduced energy costs

With VPP 2.0, customers no longer have to rely on the grid for energy. Households can create and sell excess energy during peak times.

Faster payback on assets

Households and businesses can sell their stored battery electricity during price spikes to pay back the investment faster.

Additional revenue

When demand surges, energy retailers automatically draw power from VPP and households receive income from excess solar stored in their battery.