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Our Values

Creating the new energy market's operating system

We build energy and carbon credit marketplaces to help people transact directly with each other.

Leading the global democratisation of energy movement where people have access to energy, can participate directly in energy markets and improve their lives and the lives of others.

Power Ledger’s mission is to transform energy markets globally in order to help achieve the Paris Climate Goals and positively impacting one billion people.

Our Values and Principles

  • We are passionate, inclusive and innovative.
  • We are attentive to the strategy, objectives of the business and the need for achievement.
  • We admit our weaknesses and limitations, to build trust.
  • We welcome healthy disagreement and debate rather than fear it.
  • To gain commitment from all staff, we hold each other to account to support each other.
  • We are rigorous in managing and mitigating risks.

“Energy markets are changing fast. Power Ledger’s technology creates the marketplace to keep customers connected to the grid and empowers them to control their energy future.”
-Dr Jemma Green, co-founder and chairman at Power Ledger

Our Proposition

  • Global brand recognition as a leader in energy, carbon and blockchain.
  • Innovation leader in technology from a markets and user perspective.
  • Integrated business model capturing multiple value streams.
  • Active deployments in every major region including the US, Europe, India, North and South Asia and Australia.

“If we want to achieve a fundamentally different outcome from our energy system, we need to take a fundamentally different approach to how and where energy is produced, sold and consumed. The property industry is in a unique position to drive this energy change from the ground up.”
-David Martin, co-founder and director at Power Ledger

Who we are

Power Ledger is a team of experts and innovators from the energy, carbon and technology sectors, working at the leading edge of our fields to transform energy markets. The company won Sir Richard Branson’s global Extreme Tech Challenge award.

Our co-founders are considered to be thought leaders in the energy and blockchain field.

Dr Jemma Green was awarded an Ernst & Young Fintech Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.  As Deputy Lord Mayor of Perth in Western Australia, Dr Green set up Australia’s first fossil fuel free pension fund‎.

David Martin has held executive positions in two state-owned electricity utilities and spent six years as a senior consultant to industry participants specializing in regulation of distribution networks, consumer engagement, renewable/new technology feasibility studies and business development.

John Bulich co-founded Ledger Assets and pioneered blockchain technology in Australia. Ledger Assets developed world-first blockchain-based products proving the provenance of artefacts.

Thought leadership

Our co-founders write regularly for a number of top-tier publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur APAC. See a list of some recent articles below:

It’s Time The Energy Market Had Its Lightbulb Moment

For many of us, powering a lightbulb with a potato was our first encounter with the idea of self-generated electricity. But I think it’s time we stop demonizing the air-conditioner because ‘energy’ itself isn’t bad – it’s simply the sources we’ve traditionally used to produce electricity that can be harmful.

The Line Has Been Drawn: Facebook Libra Has a Challenger

Since Facebook’s announcement of its own cryptocurrency Libra in June, the world has been sent spinning. The potential for Facebook to become a super monopoly could be damaging to many – we only have to look back at the GFC to see what happens when banks become too big to fail.

How Many Tech Entrepreneurs Does It Take To Change The Globe?

You’ve just arrived on a private island alongside some of the world’s biggest thinkers and changemakers. Scenes from Branson’s Necker Island Blockchain Summit were not so different from those depicted in Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Has the Storm Passed For Cryptocurrency?

The SEC’s latest move could signal crypto companies to assess the possibilities of operating in countries less opposed to digital assets

Beyond The Smog: What Does Our Future Energy System Look Like?

The world’s leaders know renewable energy has a huge role to play in future-proofing our planet. But it’ll take more than swapping out a coal power station with a solar panel or a wind farm to get the system right; we need supporting technologies and marketplaces.

Commercial Space Travel: How Leaving Earth Will Make You Appreciate It More

Maybe it will take going to outer space for renewable energy naysayers to realise the devastating impact the human race has on planet Earth. But perhaps commercial space travel is what we need to push people to tackle climate change more seriously?

Is Blockchain Solving An Elusive Or Non-Existent Problem In Electricity Markets?

The sun is free, but it’s making things expensive. As more people come off the grid it leaves the people left behind to shoulder more of the costs. It’s one of the issues DERs and blockchain can eventually ease.

The text that should have you thinking

Power Ledger co-founder Jemma Green describes how summer power struggles can be handled better in the future.

How blockchain can change energy markets forever

Whether blockchain had come along or not, energy markets are undergoing unprecedented change. If we let go of preconceived views on what the solution should look like, blockchain can answer several of them.

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