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Our dual-token model enables energy trading markets to operate in the same way across the globe.

How do the tokens work? 

Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled platform uses two digital tokens that enable our operating system to synchronize transactions and payments of energy on a global scale.

Together POWR and Sparkz ensure consistency across Power Ledger’s platform as this dual-token model enables all energy markets to function the same way across the globe.

We release a POWR Project Escrow Report periodically, detailing the total amount of POWR being held in escrow for active projects.

Our escrow model is working well now, however, it is constantly evolving with the market as technology continues to advance.

We are always exploring new ways to improve our platform by offering additional features, such as POWR buyback and burn and other tokenomic structures.

Partners and customers wanting to use our environmental commodity products also need POWR to access and utilize Power Ledger’s technology.

Why blockchain technology


When our partners and customers want to gain access to the suite of products on the Power Ledger platform, a bond must be paid in the form of POWR tokens.

This token can also be independently traded outside of the platform as a digital asset on eligible exchanges.

This mechanism means that as Power Ledger’s technology gains market adoption, the demand for remaining POWR tokens increases due to fewer being left in circulation.


Sparkz are stable tokens that are used when units of electricity (kWh) are bought and sold on Power Ledger’s platform.

These tokens are automatically converted into Sparkz from the local fiat currency to enable energy trading. When energy transactions are settled, Sparkz are automatically converted back into the customers chosen currency.

Sparkz prices are region specific.

For example:

Australia: 1 Sparkz = AUD$0.01

Thailand: 1 Sparkz = TBH฿1.00

Sparkz are issued against escrowed POWR tokens via a blockchain-enabled smart contract. These are then sold by the retailer to consumers, who use the token to pay for the energy.

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