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Trade across the grid with benefits for the customer, retailer and distribution network

What is xGrid?

xGrid lets your customers sell energy from their solar panels to other energy consumers connected to the same electricity grid. From generation to consumption it manages the settlement of the energy transaction between the two parties, allowing for dynamic price-discovery in down to five minute intervals.

Users can tailor their profiles to onboard and sell power in any way they like, all the time building engagement with your electricity brand in several ways:

P2P: Anyone with or without solar panels can trade electricity with their peers.

Loyalty P2P: Shoppers can sell their rooftop electricity to their favourite high street brand in exchange for vouchers. This is a great option for high street brands because it builds brand engagement – footfall and clickfall with their own customers.

Gifted P2P: Customers can simply gift electricity to friends, neighbours, schools and community groups.

Cross Store P2P: Commercial customers can share solar between their stores based in different locations within the same grid, even when only one of them has a PV installation.

Residential to Commercial & Industrial: Commercial electricity tariffs in many countries such as Malaysia, India, the Philippines  are higher than residential tariffs. It makes sense for residential customers with solar to sell electricity to commercial customers for more than the residential rate but less than the commercial one. It also encourages residential customers to install solar.

How does xGrid work?

  • Matches per-site energy generation and consumption on a per-interval basis, down to 5 minute duration.
  • Allows dynamic price discovery, taking into account both the buyer and seller’s preferred pricing as well as the relative amounts of available supply and demand.
  • Lets users control the provenance of their electricity.
  • Provides transaction data, including volume and price, to the prosumers, consumer and retailer for settlement on a customer’s usual monthly bill.

Benefits for retailers and networks

  • A dynamic price for renewable energy throughout the day encourages load shifting to deal with peak problems on the grid. In the long-run this load shifting will improve grid resiliency and defer the need for grid upgrades.
  • Fast, secure settlement.
  • Detailed billing and usage data presented in an accessible way.
  • All transactions stored and can be retrieved easily.
  • System offers high levels of engagement for end users with their electricity. It helps retailers and networks attract and retain customers, especially for those who care about their source of energy.

Benefits for retailer’s customers

  • Matching per-site energy generation and consumption on a per-interval basis, down to a 5 minute duration.
  • Allowing dynamic price discovery, taking into account both the buyer and seller’s preferred pricing as well as the supply and demand of energy at any instant.
  • Configurable trading logic based on the desired type of market.
  • Letting users prioritise their preferred types of energy eg biomass over PV, PV over fossil fuels.
  • Providing easy-to-read transaction data, including volume and price for a customer’s usual monthly bill.

Essential requirements

  • Agreement needs to be in place with Power Ledger and the retailer.
  • Smart meter/advanced meter capable of providing interval meter data.
  • Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

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